Getting Ahead London

"The Launch event was the most inspiring CPD I have taken part in, certainly since becoming a teacher.  I think my school was quite taken aback by how enthused and excited I was by the future following the event." Craig Lilleyman, Rosetta Primary School 

What is Getting Ahead London?

Getting Ahead London is a Greater London Authority (GLA) pilot programme which is being delivered jointly by Challenge Partners and PwC. The aim is to provide aspiring London headteachers with the skills, experience, networks and knowledge to take the step up to headship. All participants receive a series of coaching sessions from an experienced London headteacher, as well as support on understanding the next steps they can take on their journey to headship. 

Challenge Partners’ role is to provide the operational delivery of the programme, ensuring that events run smoothly, the coaching programme is delivered successfully, and the programme can be evaluated appropriately at the end of the pilot year (June 2017).  

Who is it for?

Getting Ahead London is for senior school leaders in London. The pilot cohort, consisting of 60 participants, coached by 20 senior headteachers, will be taking part in the programme between September 2016 and June 2017.

The programme is currently only open to London senior leaders, although this may change subject to the outcome of the pilot. There is currently no cost for senior leaders to take part in the programme.

How will impact be measured?

In conjunction with the GLA and PwC, Challenge Partners is currently developing a methodology for evaluating the impact of the pilot to inform future development.

Find out more

To find out more, visit the official Getting Ahead London site or get in touch with Challenge Partners.