Challenge Partners National Conference 2018: connect, collaborate, create

7 March 2018 - 9:30am to 5:00pm


Materials from the National Conference 2018: connect, collaborate, create


Challenge Partners in a box - Prof. Sir George Berwick


Workshops: connect

Seven habits of highly effective networkers - Will Kintish

Strategies for enabling greater depth of learning across the curriculum - Rob Carpenter and Jonathan Owen

Collective ownership through Google - James Saunders

Creating the conditions for collaboration - Relational Schools

One in ten: what are you going to do about it? - YoungMinds

Behavioural insights and education: moving beyond nudges - Behavioural Insights Team


Workshops: collaborate

Inspire staff and students with object based learning - The Langley Academy

Improving outcomes through the creative curriculum - Frederick Bremer School

Bring learning to life using volunteers to connect careers with the classroom - Future First

Creating great SEND provision through school to school collaboration - David Bartram

A fork in the road: why MAT to MAT collaboration must be more than 'skin deep' - Forum Education

Effective and impactful collaboration between schools and universities - King College London


Workshops: create

Using Comparative Judgement to collaborate on writing assessment - Daisy Christodoulou

When adults change, everything changes - Pivotal Education

Developing technology through partnership - Gaia Technologies

Top Dog: creating a play-based intervention to narrow the gap - Bengeworth Academy

Governance: connecting, collaborating, creating - National Governance Association

Mind the Gap! How to improve outcomes for disadvantaged children in 2018. What works? What doesn't? Southwark TSA