Excellence for Everyone



“Being part of the programme means that our Pupil Premium students are now at the forefront of teachers minds, and more than ever they know why there is a gap, why it shouldn't exist and simple effective strategies to ensure teaching and learning opportunities are the best they can be to try to make sure that gap doesn't exist at all.” - Participant school leader

Excellence for Everyone: a whole school approach

Excellence for Everyone (EfE) is a national programme run by schools for schools challenging the link between poverty and poor outcomes. The programme is designed to deliver lasting and transformational impact for disadvantaged pupils and provide outstanding professional development to school leaders, teachers and support staff, who come together as a school team for a series of training events.

Drawing on research-based content and experiences, professionals concentrate on a target cohort to gain clear insights into the issues and needs of disadvantaged pupils. Practice that is proven to be effective for these pupils is then rolled out more widely across the school. Successful strategies are cascaded by each member of the school team, resulting in deep, consistent, school-wide impact. Working collaboratively, schools think big, start small and scale quickly to have a far-reaching impact to make a lasting difference.

Alongside the delivery and monitoring of an in-school impact project participating schools receive training on research and best practice around the core strands of academic success, self-awareness and resilience. An overview of the curriculum journey is mapped here

How it works 

A cluster of schools (or Network of Excellence Hub) come together for the programme with a Lead School or group of leads identified to deliver the workshop content. These schools take on the annual licence and in doing so receive all the programme content, units and support needed. Facilitators attend an induction event, receive support on mapping their programme and receive quality assurance visits and guidance throughout.

The programme supports schools to eliminate the barriers which prevent disadvantaged pupils from achieving their potential by developing whole school strategies that are: 

School-led: Long-term solutions need to be driven from within. We work with leaders, teachers and support staff to create a cohesive in-school programme that delivers lasting transformational impact on staff and their ability to tackle educational disadvantage. 

Collaborative: Working together develops powerful, enduring networks. The programme is built on a foundation of school-to-school learning, so schools can learn from others’ experiences and jointly design improvements.

Evidence-based: Time and effort are two of a school’s most valuable resources. We make sure our schools spend theirs on initiatives which work. 

Committed: We have a moral purpose to succeed and make a real difference. We are dedicated to our mission of ensuring that every child can achieve their potential regardless of their start in life. 

Current programmes

Current clusters delivering the Excellence for Everyone programme in 2019-20 are:

  • The Compton School, North London

  • Chancellors School, Hertfordshire

  • Portsmouth Teaching School Alliance, Portsmouth

  • Aspire Network of Excellence hub serving clusters in; Knowsley (Merseyside), Wade Deacon Trust (Cheshire) and Forward as One Trust (Bolton)

Programmes recruiting now:
Pickhurst Academy, Bromley are launching a new EfE programme and recruiting schools to join their cluster. More information about their programme can be found here. 

Get involved
Please contact us for more information and to arrange a call to talk through how the programme could work for your school or cluster of schools. Email hannah.cornell@challengepartners.org please also look to our programme flyer found here