Excellence for Everyone



“Being part of the programme means that our Pupil Premium students are now at the forefront of teachers minds, and more than ever they know why there is a gap, why it shouldn't exist and simple effective strategies to ensure teaching and learning opportunities are the best they can be to try to make sure that gap doesn't exist at all.” - Participant school leader

Excellence for Everyone: a whole school approach

Excellence for Everyone (EfE) is a resources pack of training which guides partner schools to challenge the link between poverty and poor outcomes. The toolkit of ready to use resources support schools to deliver a comprehensive training programme or to use to supplement their existing CPD offering. 

Excellence for Everyone supports schools to understand the evidence and research around the disadvantage gap, and critically evaluate how this can be used or applied in their own schools and unique contexts. 

The resources focus around three core themes; academic success, resilience and self awareness. Within these themes lies a selection of ready to run workshops covering topics including; vocabulary, reading, memory, emotional intelligence and independent learning. 

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