Extending Leading Practice



How to sustain and extend excellence

This exciting programme brings together a group of schools to embark on individual and shared improvement journeys.

Building on Growing the Top, our successful programme for stand-out schools, Extending Leading Practice is for schools ambitious to make the shift from good to excellent practice in particular areas. They welcome challenge and input from their peers, and have the leadership capacity to engage and progress with the programme.

The programme is designed for good schools who have the capacity to commit the headteacher AND and one other senior leader to the programme, as well as middle leaders to the in-school project element.

Involvement entails:

  • Joint practice development with an outcome focus
  • Events that give access to outstanding practice
  • Visits that help participants build social capital, collaborate and co-create improvement plans


  • QA Review leading/effective schools OR outstanding/good Ofsted schools
  • Open to new and returning schools to the network
  • Open to all phases

To find out more, contact [email protected]

“ The opportunity to focus on a key area of our school development priorities with another senior leader in the school for a whole day is rare but incredibly useful, meaningful and worthwhile.” Nicola Forster, Headteacher, North Primary and ELP participant