Growing the Top

Growing the Top: Stand-Out Schools

For excellent schools striving for world-class status.

This programme targets top performing schools who push the boundaries in their drive to make their schools, and the education system, world-class. These schools are brought together in trios to collaborate, share excellence and address challenges. Participants draw on high-level expertise from education, business and beyond.

The Growing the Top programme is designed for schools that have been graded Outstanding by Ofsted or have gained Leading estimates in a recent Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review.

Stretching and challenging leading schools to keep improving speaks to our core philosophy: by stimulating those at the top to rise higher we help the whole system move up.

Growing the Top is available to schools who have joined us as a full partner.

The programme:

  • Matches schools with similar, like-minded, top performing schools to create a trusted group. Provides knowledge exchange opportunities and builds strong, lasting networks
  • Facilitates school visit days throughout the year for you to share and explore areas of systemic excellence and challenge. Host schools receive support from other leaders on school improvement areas, and visiting leaders observe best practice in other top performing schools and contexts.
  • Provides whole-cohort events across the partnership year. Leaders hear from expert speakers from the education, business and research sectors, collaborate with other leaders on the programme, and network with headteachers and senior leaders with shared priorities.

What our partners say:

“The programme is excellent at looking at ways other schools in very different settings are tackling similar issues. I have been inspired by both of the schools I have visited.” Jayne Delves, Ashlawn School

“A really good opportunity to build relationships and learn from other schools. A very well structured programme.” Serena Madhvani, Riverside School 

How to join Growing the Top:

The programme runs within our partnership year from September to July. Your school must join us as a full partner to access the programme for the next partnership year.

Full partnership also gives you access to:

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