Growing the Top Stories

Leaders of stand-out schools tell us why our Growing the Top programme is important to them. The programme brings together small groups of top performing Outstanding schools for individual and shared school improvement journeys.

Riverside School and Hornchurch High School: Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts is Headteacher of Outstanding Riverside School in Barking, and Executive Principal of Hornchurch High School. Both schools are partnered with Challenge Partners, and Andy was a facilitator for Extending Leading Practice last year, and a facilitator for Growing the Top this year

Parkwood Primary School: Paul Thomas

Paul Thomas, Headteacher at Parkwood Primary School, is one of our facilitators for the Extending Leading Practice and Growing the Top programme. Paul spoke to us about his role as a facilitator and the impact it has on school leaders and facilitators themselves

Waverley School: Gail Weir

Gail Weir, Headteacher of Waverley School, spoke to us about the school’s experience of partnership with Challenge Partners, including the Growing the Top (GtT) Programme, the Quality Assurance Review (QAR) and membership of the London Special and AP Hub