Join our partnership - Trusts

School Trusts can join Challenge Partners with a flexible package of support to meet the needs of the trust and its schools.

Step 1 - Learn more by:

Booking a call with the team via the link above

Calling the team directly on 020 7803 4970

Explore our brochure for trusts below for an overview of networks, programmes and pricing.

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Step 2 - Choose your partnership package

At trust level, benefit from a national Trust Leaders’ Network, our innovative Trust Peer Review programme, Leadership Residential and Executive Coaching programme, and a relationship manager to support you get the best from your partnership with us.

Schools in your trust can benefit from programmes and networks tailored to their needs, each providing great opportunities to strengthen leadership and improvement capacity

When building your trust’s partnership package, Challenge Partners can provide various flexibility to create a package that meets your trust’s needs and maximises value for money:

Subscribe your schools to our programmes and networks, or your trust team to our trust programmes, or both!

Subscribe some or all of your schools to focus improvement based on your trusts’s needs, flexibility to put forward different leaders for development opportunities across school improvement programmes and networks

Subscribe via our multi year subscriptions to lock in annual prices for the duration, with flexibility to rotate schools throughout your partnership with us

Benefit from a group discount for a trust (or consortia) package

Step 3 - Complete your subscription form

  1. Contact the team with your chosen subscription package to receive your trust’s unique subscription form
  2. The subscription form requires some details, your chosen trust programmes and membership levels and lengths for schools, and generates a quote for your consideration prior to submission
  3. Within the subscription form, you can choose to select Quality Assurance Review and other programme dates for your schools, or grant autonomy to your schools to select them manually

Contact the team now to get started!