Leadership Residency Programme

The Leadership Residency Programme is a dedicated practitioner-led leadership development programme for middle or senior leaders. It provides opportunities for focused leadership development through purposeful immersion in another school. The programme is delivered through a Challenge Partners hub. Hubs are given the resources, frameworks and tools to organise the programme across their schools.

What is involved?
The programme requires a participating school leader to be matched and placed in a different host school within the hub. The school leader will spend two to three days immersed in the running and practices of the host school learning about their ways of working, observing other schools practice and exploring a specific area of interest for school improvement. Participating leaders will have the opportunity to work with and learn from leaders outside of their context, shadow meetings and use the time out of their own school to reflect on their own development and goals. At the close of the residency, participating leaders are invited to present on their reflections and learning from the experience to their host school and their own school team upon their return.

Who is it for?

The programme is available to Network of Excellence hubs and is designed to be delivered within a hub or across nearby hubs within the Challenge Partners network. Of the participating schools within a hub there will be 'participating school leaders', either middle or senior leaders who will go out on a residency and 'host schools' who will receive the visiting school leader for the duration of the residency. The programme serves as a collaboration initiative enabling hub schools to provide CPD for school leaders, learn more about each others schools and disseminate understanding of Challenge Partners across the whole school.

Benefits for participating school leaders

  • Receive focused professional development
  • Opportunity to work with and experience a different school environment from your own
  • Opportunity to work with different school leaders and see a range of different practices
  • Opportunity to drive own leadership development by seeking out an area of personal development to focus on for the residency
  • Gain experience of presenting to a range of school leaders and in different settings, sharing your experiences from the residency
  • Gain new knowledge and best practice to use back in your own school environment

How do I get involved?

If you are a hub looking to find out more on what the LRP entails and how to establish a programme within your hub you can find all the resources to get a programme started within the further knowledge exchange resources of the members area. For any further information or to ask any questions get in with your partnership manager or [email protected]