Coronavirus - Resources created/curated by and for schools

23 June 2020

As schools adjust, we are collating remote learning resources and other tips from across the sector so all can benefit. This page will be updated regularly, so please email if you have resources to share with other schools or tag us on Twitter @ChallengePartnr

On this page we have details of:

  • International research on learning loss and recovery curricula
  • Return to school and recovery resources
  • Online learning resources recommended by schools and trusts
  • Behavioral insights for engaging pupils and parents digitally (webinar)
  • Mental health and wellbeing resources 
  • Schools and trusts' provision for disdvantaged pupils including strategies for distance learning 
  • Links to official information eg DfE, NHS and translated NHS advice

There are further resources here including on anti-racism in schools.

Return to school

20th July: Webinar in which Barry Carpenter discusses A  Recovery Curriculum: Reconnection, Re-igniting and Resilience (Chartered College)

20th: Good handwashing guide (Certified Nusring Assistants)

3rd: Designing a Recovery Curriulcum - Mike Garvey (Herts and Bucks hub)

29th June: What can we learn from others' experience of learning loss and recovery curriculua - Andrew Jones reviews international evidence (Herts and Bucks TSA) 

22nd: John Hattie - Does it matter if children are not in school? Blog on the impact of home on learning, ways to engage students, potential for Edmodo and other social media (Professor of Education and Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute)

17th June: Recovery Curriculum - great planning templates and resources from our Compass Hub

12th: Primary - stories to help pupils with return to school covering new rules and what they have been doing at home: The Tale of Going Back to School and The Tale of Going Back to Nursery & Pre-School  

12th: What happened when a school had a pupil attend with Covid-19 case, including who they contacted and how they have enhanced health and safety since

11th: Barry Carpenter's Recovery Curriculum podcasts, which Ash Field Hub have found useful for a special school setting.

10th: Ideas for How to have a virtual sports day (Live and Learn Sports)

7th: Blogs by headteachers, inspired by racial equality protests: Fighting discrimination as educators (Vijita Patel), with useful resources for discussions + How our school will play its part in challenging racism (Gary Phillips)

1st: BAME Ed Network - Schools and COVID-19: guidance for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) staff and their employers in school settings

27th May: Free to use social distancing posters and stickers (shared by The Courtyard school)

NB: Partner schools can access further resources including back to school plans shared by trusts and schools in the Members Area (login required). 

What works well for schools

11th May: Resources for SEND and special schools, including news of upcoming webinars by The Bridge School

11th: Learning at home resources shared by the Greater London Authority    

6th May: Lal Chadeesingh of The Behavioural Insights Team shared research findings with school leaders at our Senior Partners' meeting last week - including the value of motivational messages for pupils, and engaging parents digitally. Find out more and watch the webinar here.

6th: Our Trustee Gary Handforth of Bright Futures Education Trust shared this Manchester University recovery paper, which they are going to use aspects of in some of their discussions this term. It positions the recovery from this pandemic as having far more reaching implications/issues than the response phase.

5th: Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust are redeploying their Ed Psych, Speech Therapy and other external agency staff to run online coaching and CPD with staff. Sharing here: key resources for this SEND CPD.

4th: Teaching staff  at Holy Cross Catholic Primary in South London have made personal films for their classes, and parents welcomed this human contact and encouragement. They also still send a newsletter each week which helps foster a sense of community and encourage small steps/achievement, such as for helping to make a meal.

3rd: Medway Teaching School Alliance are curating virtual CPD on their website and recommend some (short) articles on life in lockdown: Why are Zoom meetings more exhausting? and Why do I have the attention span of a goldfish?

3rd: Manor Leas Primary, Lincoln, like Heads Up training on psychology of leadership - high quality training and connections. Has free materials around effective video conferencing, eg having difficult conversations.

30th April: Cassie Buchanan shares useful insights here into how Charles Dickens' virtual school has developed and adapted - including timetabling for the rhythms of the family home. 

Provision for vulnerable and disadvantaged children

11th May: Coronavirus: 7 ways to help pupil mental health

30th April: Marc Rowland on strategies for supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils - webinar and blog.

Strategies for distance learning and details of what schools are doing to ensure they have food are here.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services have pulled together lots of helpful resources available to help support mental health and well-being here.

Research project

27th: Our partners ImpactEd are offering schools the chance to join a free research project, with the University of York, to monitor pupils wellbeing and learning needs during this period of disruption. Find out more here.

Online learning resources

28th: A short video summary of the Education Endowment Foundation rapid learning assessment on remote learning, put together by Charles Dickens Research School. They said it's important as primary schools are making lots of assumptions about what works based on research from older students.

27th: Sally Garrett headteacher of The Ashley School Academy Trust said Picture News have some great resources based around current affairs, and Lucy's in Lockdown is a fabulous ebook exploring social and emotional aspects of lockdown. Also Developing Experts, a science programme (£100 for 3 years) where everyone has home login and the school can set lessons to do. 

The Brilliant Club are offering free pupils resources here, including videos about life at university and the chance to a modern history masterclass about religious minorities in the time of a pandemic.

20th: Oak National Academy, a new online classroom and resource hub, will be launched and available to all teachers from 21st April. 40 teachers are producing over 180 online lessons each week until schools fully re-open, covering core subjects from maths and English, to art and languages. Click here to access the site.

20th: The TES are offering free webinars from expert SEND consultants on how to overcome the implications of school closures and general SEN top tips. Starting on 21st April, sessions are every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. Contributors include Jo Johnson, David Bartram, Natalie Packer, Abigail Hawkins and Carol Vorderman. Find out more and register here.


16th: Chiltern Teaching Alliance are hosting a free series of online professional development sessions, starting on 22nd April. You can sign up here.


16th: White Rose Maths is offering free access to their resources for primary and secondary pupils. Find out more here.

6th: Zoom has lifted the 40-minute meeting limit on free Basic accounts for schools in the UK. Request to have the minutes limit lifted for your school here.


31st March: Leo Academy Trust shared these for primary schools: 

30th: Audible has provided free access during this period of lockdown, giving access to online stories including titles across six different languages. Available on desktop, laptop, phone or tablet

25th: UCL centre for inclusive education have launched a Facebook group to support parents of students with special needs.

Chartered School of Teaching have put together a page of resources/links.

23rd March: English mastery and maths mastery links here for primary and secondary schools.

23rd March: We've had good feedback from LEO academies about, a platform that hosts past papers for KS2 and GCSE. They would like to offer free licenses for 6 months to all schools in our network as a supplementary resource for students.

Please see below two links for either secondary or primary schools, where the first one is to register and request the number of licences, and the second is the relevant user guide for that category. 



23rd March: Chiltern TSA: BBC Bitesize has always been a brilliant resource, which covers the curriculum and is divided into each key stage.

21st: Charles Dickens Primary School: Our Virtual School is live! Lessons for every year inc. French, music, art. Where possible, everything you need to join in Head over to the website - find your year! 

21st March: Burnt Ash Primary have made home learning packs for our children to use during the school closure. There’s currently around three weeks worth of work in there for the children, including a variety of learning challenges for the foundation subjects, and daily maths and English tasks for the children. As each year group contains a large number of files, the best way to access them is through our TES profile here.

20th March: Elliot Costas-Walker in Knowsley worked with Oxford University Press to support trusts and schools with Home Learning. OUP have put together comprehensive support and have opened up many of their platforms for schools to use to facilitate learning at home – for priamaries and secondary schools:

Oxford Owl for School & Home

Free access for School and Home – wealth of free content on Owl for Home, including our full eBook library, activity sheets, and support videos, which will help parents whilst children are away from the classroom.

MyMaths New Subscribers

Free access to My Maths till Sept 2020

MyMaths Existing Subscribers

My Maths Remote Learning

My Maths Teachers Support

Primary My Maths Webinars

Getting the most out of your My Maths Subscription

Oxford Owl

Read Write Inc Update & Free Support

We will be offering a range of free support so that children can continue their Read Write Inc. learning journey away from the classroom during these uncertain times. This will include a ‘phonics spine’ of 72 free ebooks matched to Read Write Inc. levels, along with 62 Speed Sounds practice sheets, parent information booklets and 8 Speedy Green Word Slideshows. These free resources will all be added to the Read Write Inc. page on Oxford Owl for Home over the coming weeks, and we’ll continue to update you as they become available.

Ruth Miskin Training will also be removing the ‘shelf’ from the School Portal, so subscribing schools can access all films for teachers’ CPD, they will also have FAQs for parents, a guidance document for resources and books to send home, plus regular storytelling films of well-loved stories will be uploaded to the Ruth Miskin Training YouTube channel.

What’s available now? Take a look at Oxford Owl for Home where we now have 14 free Read Write Inc. ebooks (click on the ‘eBooks’ link underneath ‘Read Write Inc. Phonics Guide for Parents’), plus lots of guidance for parents and carers: 

Parent videos on pronouncing the sounds, how to sound-blend, read diagraphs, read stretchy sounds etc are also available on this page.

You can find out more about the support we are offering to schools here:


MyMaths & Kerboodle New Subscribers

Free access to My Maths till Sept 2020

Free access to any Kerboodles they are not already subscribed to until September 2020

MyMaths & Kerboodle Existing Subscribers

My Maths Remote Learning

Getting the most out of your My Maths Subscription

My Maths Teachers Support

Secondary My Maths Webinars

Kerboodle - Support for Remote learning

18th March: Cheam Common Junior: Training slides to support your staff using Jamboard from Google Education‬⁩ for children's distance learning 

18th March: Plans for possible school closure and for safeguarding pupils in the event of closure from Reach2 Academy Trust here

17th March: Some ideas for schools in maintaining learning and keeping in touch, in case of closure - with thanks to @cassiebuchanann. Charles Dickens Primary School @CDPS_Southwark are sending a daily email home via mailchimp with a daily supportive video (hosted on YouTube) and then info on each area of work - they have workbooks for each subject and other we have now photocopied if there are gaps (CGP, schofield and sims). Teachers will direct which page etc and if other helpful resources. Also providing an email address for parents/children to email to get feedback & teachers will ref this in their daily video (done on phones & uploaded to our YouTube account). Focus is reducing barriers to access (tech, resources, cost) & motivating children to keep going. Can track open rates via mailchimp but equally children can just crack on with booklets if email not seen. 

16th March: Coronavirus: how to talk about it with children - TES

14th March: Daisy Christodoulou blog: Remote learning pitfalls to avoid and 10 programmes to try

Lessons from America

US teachers and schools leaders share their tips and experiences here


Department for Education coronavirus helpline 0800 046 8687 (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday) and email address:

Doctors of the World UK have translated NHS updated guidelines + resources on to how to stay safe - available now in English, Albanian, Dari, French, Pashto, Portuguese, Bengali, Vietnamese, Kurdish Sorani The guidance is based on the government’s advice and health information and will be updated here.

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