Pupils in our partner schools achieve more and progress faster than the national average

Aim 1: Improve pupils' examination results at a rate above the national average and accelerate the progress of the disadvantaged


Aim 2: Enable all schools to improve at a rate above the national average

Aim 3: Create more national leaders and outstanding schools which fulfil the Teaching School criteria

We seek to increase the capacity of the Partnership by supporting the accreditation of outstanding individuals, schools and practices. This enables more leaders to undertake school-to-school work and for everyone to access the available best practice. 


Aim 4: Develop a self-improving and sustainable system which contributes to national research and policy-making

We have continued to enhance our approach to systemic leadership development as well as contributing to publications which set out the methodology underpinning our approach and being the focus of an independent analysis of the review process:

  • Multiple Gains is an independent evaluation of the QA Review, published by the Institute of Education, that analyses the effectiveness of Challenge Partners’ peer review system
  • Assessment in Special Schools and AP settings, co-written by Challenge Partners special schools and AP academies sets out the core principles underpinning the most effective examples of assessment practice
  • Responded to the DfE consultation Intervening in Failing, Underperforming and Coasting Schools
  • In addition, several Challenge Partners headteachers have been elected to national leadership positions, such as the Teaching Schools Council and Headteacher Boards

For more information on our progress towards our aims, please read our stories of change and our Annual report 2018