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We work with schools across the country. 

Challenge Partners works with more than 475 schools in England, from small rural villages to inner cities. Each of them takes part in one or more of our programmes, depending on their needs and choices. Our schools are spread throughout the country:

We work with schools across the country, in 44 hubs, from Cornwall to Doncaster. They include large secondaries and small village primary schools, special schools and alternative provision.

The areas we cover include: Bristol, London, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Blackpool, County Durham, Tyne and Wear, Nottinghamshire, Aylesbury Vale, Kent, East Midlands, Lincolnshire, Devon, West Sussex, Worcester,  Essex, Leicester, Cambridgeshire, South Yorkshire, Bedfordshire, Derbyshire, Luton, Somerset, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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