Our principles

Our philosophy and strategy is informed by the following principles:


  1. Practitioner led and engaged: School practitioners started Challenge Partners and should be actively leading the system, making decisions, with a strong voice in national policy that drive pupil outcomes.

  2. Improving and sharing practice through collaboration: We facilitate best practice sharing through collaboration to reduce the variability and drive the best to grow new practice. Drawing upon effective practice, emerging innovation and productive academic research, to share and create knowledge to improve the quality of teaching and sustainable leadership. We invite and provide each other with both challenge and support to provide the best for our pupils.

  3. A national network of local partnerships: We develop collaborative communities at school, local, national, and international levels around Teaching School Alliances, Multi-Academy Trusts and other existing partnerships, and so create a model and voice for national reform.

  4. Accessing the best from beyond education: We look beyond the education sector and access business and other sectors for effective practice, advice and finance.

  5. Creating sustainable solutions: We seek sustainable school improvement and trust that if schools value it enough they will pay for it, and that by pooling resources, schools get more out than they put in.


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