Our values

Challenge Partners welcomes schools that share our values, which underpin everything we do:

  • Excellence  We are always looking for ways to improve because we are determined to achieve the best for every child, teacher and leader 

  • Equity  We treat each other fairly, with trust, care and respect. We seek the best for every child, and know that those who have the least need our combined expertise the most

  • Collaboration  We listen to, share with and learn from each other, developing our practice together so that every child benefits from our combined wisdom and creativity

  • Challenge  We expect the best of ourselves and each other, and value challenge which helps us improve

  • Innovation  We use and generate research, we innovate with discipline and evaluate intelligently in pursuit of better outcomes for all children, especially the most disadvantaged

  • Courageous Leadership  We speak up and take responsibility for all children, making sure that we do not harm others in doing our best for our own schools

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