Partner with us to improve your trust

Trust leaders network

For almost a decade, our unique blend of collaboration, challenge, knowledge exchange and disciplined innovation has driven improvements in schools across the country. Building on this successful formula, we now offer three ways to partner with us to improve your trust:

Trust Leaders Network

Our national network brings together like-minded trust leaders passionate about extending excellence in their trusts and committed to sharing great practice so that the whole system improves - consistent with our upwards convergence model. 

Learning from each other and the business world beyond, the network enables you to connect with experts, leading thinkers and peers across the country, avoiding the risks of cosiness or competition sometimes found in local networks. 

The annual programme combines a mix of face-to-face meetings and digital collaboration, designed to ensure the benefits of participation are shared widely within your trust. Your year’s subscription enables you to benefit from any or all of your choice of:

  1. a programme of facilitated all-day visits to trusts designed to maximise learning and development around common challenges
  2. webinars hosted in partnership with trusts and business to share best practice and connect leaders in different roles
  3. training to become a Trust Peer Reviewer (details below)
  4. a national trust leaders’ conference combining sharing of effective and innovative practice, and stimulus from within and beyond education
  5. an annual business visit designed to explore leading industry practice on areas including corporate strategy, communications, talent management, as well as and different leadership styles and organisational cultures 
  6. curated digital resources and online discussion forum, providing support at your fingertips
  7. optional leadership residential, bringing you together with peers to reflect, evaluate and plan your next steps with the benefit of peer coaching and expert facilitation (additional cost). 

How it works

Thoughtful onboarding helps us understand your priorities so we can design visits and inputs to best meet your needs. Drawing on our successful Jubilee Networks approach, you will benefit from varied, immersive learning days, expertly facilitated so you are free to focus on purposeful development and collaboration. Termly check-in calls will ensure you get the personalised support you need throughout the year.

“The network provided me with invaluable opportunities to share expertise and issues with some of the very best practitioners in a very open, honest and positive way.” Steve Hillier, CEO, Sherborne Area Schools Trust.

Trust Peer Review

Emulating the success of our school Quality Assurance Review, our Trust Peer Review enables improvement through challenge and collaboration. Independently reviewed by the NFER, it was found to benefit trusts and reviewers alike. The host trust is supported to sharpen its improvement strategies and leadership, while peer reviewers gain unique insights to support development in themselves and their trusts. 

No two trusts are alike and there is no single formula for trust success, so our review relies on asking powerful, open questions in a spirit of appreciative inquiry and collaboration. The review is sharply focused on school improvement and impact on outcomes. It includes an opportunity for the host trust to harness ideas and insights from the review team on a particular challenge they face and to collaboratively identify ways forward.

How it works

Trust peer reviewers are led by an independent expert and work with host trust leaders as one team to build a picture of how school improvement operates across the trust and the impact it is having. This informs rich professional dialogue about strengths, areas for development and next steps, which are captured in a written report. 

Trust leaders can sign up to host a Trust Peer Review and/or to be a reviewer. Joining our Trust Leaders Network includes training and the chance to join our trust peer reviewer pool at no additional charge.

“Being a reviewer gave me perspectives across all aspects of the trus: staff, leadership, governance, etc. and this was really helpful in understanding how the trust operated as well as providing real insights into my own situation. Reflection after the review has led to some substantial change here.” Carolyn Morgan, CEO, Ascent Academies Trust

Network of Excellence

If you are looking for rigorous, expert-led quality assurance for your schools, you can benefit from discounts when you join our national Network of Excellence and programmes as a trust. Honed over a decade, the Quality Assurance Review has been independently evaluated to provide “multiple gains” for reviewed schools and exceptional professional development for senior leaders. Your trust will also gain access to the full suite of collaboration, expertise and innovation across our unrivaled national network of schools.

Register your interest here, or email [email protected] or call 020 7803 4970 to find out more.

Watch our webinar on making Challenge Partners work for your trust

Dr Kate Chhatwal and Sarah Ridley (Deputy CEO, The Mead Educational Trust) present  the benefits of trusts joining the Challenge Partners Network of Excellence.