Quality Assurance Review

"I thoroughly enjoyed the review process. It was the best CPD I have ever had. The experience from start to finish was rigorous and challenging and it developed my leadership skills in many ways, such as: data analysis, challenging conversations, formal observations and leadership of Pupil Premium/SEND." - Jasmine French, reviewer at Edenthorpe Hall Primary, Doncaster

What are the Quality Assurance (QA) Review’s aims and how does it work?

Challenge Partners’ quality assurance and assessment is built around the QA Review, a professionally-led peer review focused on teaching and learning. The review identifies areas for development, bringing key challenges to schools for the coming year and also provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the visiting team members. It is a joint exercise between the review team and the school. All activities include a member of the school working alongside the reviewers. This approach enables honest and open conversations about where the school is and where it is going, to the benefit of all concerned.

The Quality Assurance Review is at the heart of our school improvement work and we recommend that every school has one when they join and at least every other year after that. Each school will host an annual review, and reciprocates this by sending their headteacher and senior leaders to review other schools in the network. All reviewers will be trained by Challenge Partners prior to experiencing their first review. They are led by an expert Lead Reviewer, whose role is to guide and support the review team. You can read an external validation of our peer review process and the multiple gains it offers schools here.

The QA Review aims to provide schools with:

  • An initial audit when joining Challenge Partners

  • An annual or biennial audit as part of a school’s self-evaluation cycle

  • A validation of a school’s own self-evaluation

  • Challenge for the forthcoming year

  • The identification of areas of excellent practice

  • Development opportunities for senior staff

Getting the most from the review - what happens next

The review report is shared with the Central Team and the relevant Hub Manager to enable follow-on support.

Who is it for?

The QA Review is for headteachers and senior leaders from schools in the NOE.

Virtual Leadership Quality Assurance Review

In 2020/21 we added a new programme to our offer, to adapt to the disruption of the pandemic. It includes a particular focus on leadership at all levels and has proved so popular we are planning to offer it again in subsequent years.

What has been the QA Review’s impact so far?

Since the beginning of Challenge Partners we have:

  • Conducted more than 2,000 reviews, equating to over 34,000 hours of reviewing
  • Accredited more than 500 Areas of Excellence
  • Trained more than 45 Lead reviewers
  • Trained 2,700 reviewers 

The feedback we received is:


Headteachers from our partner schools gives their thoughts on the Quality Assurance Review


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