Jemima Rhys-Evans

Research School Director

Jemima is the Director of Charles Dickens Research School, one of approximately 30 schools accredited by the Education Endowment Foundation to support schools to embed evidence-informed practice. She is also the Director of the Charter Institute, working with schools in The Charter Trust to offer staff high quality professional development focused on pupil outcomes. Before that, she was a teacher and school leader at Charles Dickens Primary School and Nursery in South London and Director of London South Teaching School Hub.

Jemima's areas of specialism include primary curriculum and teacher workload, and she has run two DfE-funded regional research projects exploring the impact of teacher reduction strategies on pupil outcomes.

She is an occasional writer for Impact magazine and the TES and have written Mark Less, Mark Better, a free, practical guide to reducing written marking, and a chapter of Putting the EYFS Curriculum into Practice.