What We Offer

School improvement.
Leadership development.
Knowledge exchange.

When you partner with us, you are welcomed into a nationwide family of schools and trusts, all working together to reduce educational inequality and enhance the life chances of all children.

Our practitioner-led programmes and networks currently support over 550 schools and 110 school trusts, reaching over 300,000 young people a year. And we’re aiming to reach even more. 

These programmes and networks are grounded in evidence of what works and are regularly quality checked, ensuring our partner schools have the tools and support they need to work through challenges and share collective wisdom.  

Partnership includes our flagship school improvement programmes:

Quality Assurance Review

A three-day external peer review to identify strengths and challenges as a key part of your school improvement cycle. Your staff review other schools as a unique leadership development opportunity

Growing the Top

For Outstanding schools: Push boundaries to become world-class in a collaborative trio of Outstanding schools. Visit other schools, explore systemic excellence and address challenges

Extending Leading Practice

For Good schools: Embark on a journey from good to great with like-minded schools. Includes school visits to explore systemic excellence and challenges, as well as an in-school improvement initiative

And a collaborative network..

Hubs of Collaboration

Groups of schools and trusts agree and pursue CPD and school improvement aims, supported by Challenge Partners hub funding

Jubilee Networks

Regional headteacher networks for facilitated school visits, school improvement strategies and shared challenges, plus leadership development and peer coaching

We also offer trust-level programmes for trust leaders..

Trust Leaders' Network

Blended programme of trust and business visits and events, trust peer review opportunities and a leadership residential and executive coaching

Trust Peer Review

Expert-led peer review of trust-wide school improvement, identifying areas of strength and suggesting next steps

All partners automatically join our Network of Excellence, featuring regular National Network Conferences with expert speakers, and partner-led Sharing Leading Practice events.

You also get exclusive access to a host of specialist resources in the partners-only area of our website.