About us

Every child should benefit from the combined wisdom of all our schools

Everything Challenge Partners does is focused on improving educational opportunities and boosting life chances for all children.

Launched in 2011 by a group of headteachers, we’re a practitioner-led education charity with a national network of more than 575 schools and 150 school trusts, who all believe the best way to reduce educational inequality is to combine wisdom.

We partner with primary, secondary, special and alternative provision schools, all united by a commitment to collaboration and challenge to ensure great practice isn’t trapped in individual schools.

School leadership has a significant influence on pupil outcomes, and by supporting our trust and school leaders we currently reach 385,000 pupils across the country.

And our approach works. Pupils in our partner schools achieve more and progress faster than the national average, and that is particularly evident for disadvantaged pupils. Sharing innovative practice quickly to schools across the country helps ensure the most effective support reaches more of the students in greatest need.

By bringing together leaders nationally, regionally and locally we create strong peer networks and work together to address issues facing the education system