Annual Report shows how partners have excelled at innovation

23 April 2021

We are delighted to share Challenge Partners’ Annual Report for 2019/2020, published in April 2021. It shows how our partner schools and trusts excelled in innovation through the challenges of the pandemic, working together to ensure we support the children who need our collective endeavours most.

When schools have been under great pressure, it has been heartening to see leaders make time to share excellent practice as Challenge Partners pioneered a new digital approach to the imperative to share the combined wisdom we know we have across the sector. 

Digital collaboration has seen expertise shared quickly across the country so all can benefit from established and emerging practice. The quotes from school and trust leaders, and data within this report show the worth of this vital work, and the impact it has across our partnership. 

The focus on the challenge of ensuring equity has put our founding values once more centre stage and it is particularly pleasing that schools in Challenge Partners have continued to prioritise support for vulnerable and disadvantaged children, and that so many are leading in these areas. It is also appropriate that we have taken the opportunity this year to refocus our aims on helping pupils to really thrive. 

We couldn’t be more proud of our schools, trusts and what collectively we have achieved in circumstances none of us imagined. While there is hard work to come, the resilience, innovation and impact evidenced in our Annual Report gives us hope for the years ahead.

  • Read the Challenge Partners Annual Report 2020 (published 2021) here