Annual report shows impressive attainment and progress

5 February 2019

We are very pleased to share Challenge Partners’ Annual Report for 2018 here. As you can see on the impact pages, schools in Challenge Partners continue to outperform national averages for attainment and progress, as well as making a contribution to improvement across the system.


We believe that this combination of outward-looking collaboration and challenge on one hand, and individual school success on the other is no coincidence — it is only by working together that our schools are able to accelerate their improvement.


As well as celebrating 2017–18 achievements, the report also reflects on the new projects initiated in 2018–19. These include successful pilots of a MAT peer quality assurance review, and Growing the Top – Stand-Out Schools, our new programme for high-performing schools.


There is also mention of our project to identify principles and examples of effective curricula, and our efforts to build collaboration between mainstream and special schools to accelerate the progress of children with special educational needs and disabilities.


What unites our endeavours — and the schools who form Challenge Partners — is a commitment to securing both excellence and equity through our unique blend of collaboration, challenge and professional development.


The Annual Report celebrates our schools’ success in using these to continue to progress and improve life chances for children.