Arrangements for virtual Leadership Quality Assurance Reviews

11 January 2021

Director Laura Lewis-Williams outlines our plans for virtual peer reviews

Given the difficult start to term, schools with virtual Leadership Quality Assurance Reviews (vLQARs) scheduled for January have been invited to let us know if they wish to go ahead or not. We will be contacting January reviewers as soon as we can about whether or not their review will go ahead.

We will confirm at the end of this week arrangements for vLQARs taking place in February after discussions with Senior Partners and our Education Advisory Group. With uncertainty about what will happen in schools beyond half term, it is difficult to plan too far ahead, but as ever we will hope for the best, plan for the worst, and remain flexible - just as we’re sure you are all doing.

So we can give our full attention to schools and reviewers scheduled to be involved in vLQARs imminently, we ask that you don’t contact us about reviews taking place in February and beyond at this stage.

We are delighted that some schools have already indicated they would like to go ahead with their reviews and we are optimistic that as schools settle into a new routine, they will again find the space to engage with CPD and strategic school improvement. Thankfully, when we designed the vLQAR we had in mind precisely the possibility that schools could be working predominantly remotely, so we are well set up for this. And though we piloted the vLQAR with schools that were open at the time, the model certainly brought benefits for hosts and reviews alike - as you can hear from practitioners in this film

Documentation to help you prepare for a vLQAR is available on the members’ area of our website here (login needed). You can also familiarise yourself with the programme by watching a recording of our Introduction to the vLQAR webinar here.