CEO blog: 'We did it together'

16 July 2021

CEO Kate Chhatwal shares a powerful blog from our partners at Danes Education Trust and reflects on the collaboration and generosity that has helped us through

I was struggling this week to come up with new ways to thank you for your incredible dedication and achievements for your pupils, communities and each other this year... and then this powerful blog dropped into my inbox with the encouragement to share. The blog from colleagues in the Danes Education Trust, of our Herts and Bucks Hub, offers a series of powerful, personal and relatable vignettes on the extraordinary year that was; a year that has, as it says in the introduction, been 'the best of times and the worst of times'.

Perhaps reading it will prompt your own reflections on the moments that have really mattered and the difference your own 'servant leadership' has made. I was struck particularly by the observation from Sarah King, Headteacher of De Havilland Primary School, that 'at every noticeable milestone throughout this journey, we did…and we did it together. We did it for our families and friends, our pupils and our colleagues.' This sums up well the great spirit of collaboration and generosity that has permeated Challenge Partners over the last 18 months and we look forward to more of the same - but hopefully in a more settled world - in the year ahead.
In the meantime, please do take the rest you so thoroughly deserve and if you need your wells of hope for the future topping up, I commend these beautiful performances shared at our events over the course of the year: