CMAT undertake classroom research on character building

16 July 2019

Challenger MAT launched a research report into ‘Character in Education’ after a group of ‘Character Champions’ from CMAT academies undertook action research in their classrooms. 


The projects spanned from early years education to Year 7, covering everything from building character through singing, sharing key trait definitions and building resilience to help pupils tackle primary maths. 


It’s a topical piece of research after Secretary of State Damian Hinds set out his vision for character and resilience this spring, which he believes is as important as academic achievement. He said: “These are the qualities that we call on to get us through the frustrations and setbacks that are part and parcel of life. So how do we instil this in them? How do we make sure that they are ready to make their way in the world as robust and confident individuals?”


The results of CMATs fascinating research can be found here (PDF).