Extending excellence to close the disadvantage gap

30 September 2019

We have launched our new Excellence for Everyone programme to help close the attainment gap for disadvantaged pupils. The programme will be delivered by lead schools through local hubs to extend the reach of what has proved an effective whole school approach.


For the launch, lead schools who are looking to become licence holders and deliver the programme to a local cluster of schools deepened their understanding of the core tenets of the programme, its mission and need within the educational landscape. 


The day was co-led by challenge partners and colleagues from The Compton School, lead practitioners and co-creators of the programme. Leads include colleagues from Aspire hub (Knowsley), Compass hub (North London), Portsmouth TSA and EYELA TSA (Bromley).


Useful discussion was had around strategies to support our disadvantaged pupils and how the programme can work with schools to better understand the needs of those pupils, and shape approaches to improve their outcomes. 


The cohort split into smaller groups to have a more focused look at the training materials, and understand how they could use and adapt the resources to suit the needs of schools within their cluster. 


Interested in participating in the programme?


Our lead schools are preparing to deliver the programme across the UK. Clusters currently recruiting for participating schools are:

  • Compass Hub (Southall, London)
  • The Compton School (North Finchley, London)
  • Portsmouth TSA
  • London South TSA (Southwark, London)
  • EYELA TSA (Bromley)

If you are interested in participating please email hannah.cornell@challengepartners.org to find out about a cluster near you and to be connected to our programme leads. 


Interested in leading the programme?


Are you a Good or Outstanding school with a good record of supporting PP students? Do you have strong links in your local community of schools and a track record of delivering quality CPD programmes? Then you may be interested in leading the EfE programme and becoming a Lead School in your area. We are keen to talk to you as soon as possible, simply email hannah.cornell@challengepartners.org for more information