Free diagnostic and latest research from strategic partner ImpactEd

13 July 2020

We have teamed up with ImpactEd to offer partner schools a free short diagnostic assessment which they can use with groups or individual pupils on their return to school to understand their mental health, wellbeing and learning needs. The results will inform the provision which schools put in place and their curriculum offer. You can find out more in this short video, see what the outputs of the diagnostic would look like here and express interest by completing this short form 

The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought significant change in education and concerns about the impact of the pandemic on young people's learning and wellbeing. ImpactEd's are studying the effects on students, and their interim report analyses the responses from a longitudinal survey of c.7,500 young people, since early May. They found:

  • Pupils eligible for the Pupil Premium and those with SEND report greater challenges with learning and mental wellbeing
  • Interestingly, however, overall levels of overall pupil mental wellbeing have not varied significantly as the lockdown has progressed – there is by no means a uniform decline
  • Pupils report significant challenges with home learning, but the factors which influenced more positive results were: access to outside space and exercise; and feeling like they had consistent support from teachers and their families

They will be doing some more substantial analysis over the summer with a fuller dataset but there are more details attached here and on their website here