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22 April 2020

Kate Chhatwal, our CEO, invites schools and trusts to join us 

At the creation of Challenge Partners, my predecessor, Professor Sir George Berwick, galvanised founding schools with the exhortation to "collaborate or die in a sea of mediocrity". Nine years on, as we face the greatest disruption to our lives and schools in 75 years, I invite you to collaborate now to make education better forever.

This is not a moment to let pass by. We have an unprecedented opportunity to work together to reset the way our schools and our sector work.

Much of what you know and love about Challenge Partners remains constant - our unique formula of collaboration, challenge, knowledge exchange and disciplined innovation in service of our mission to improve outcomes and narrow the disadvantage gap.

But that same model also affords us a new and present opportunity to make a greater impact than ever. By collaborating, we can exercise collective and courageous leadership to shape lasting change in the world of education, co-creating new approaches to endemic issues, like how to ensure all young people have an equitable chance to shine.

“Better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence, it takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try.” Atul Gawande

Sign up now

  • Help to begin shaping an optimistic, transformative agenda now for the year, and years, ahead. 
  • Make excellent practice common practice by sharing and learning from the best in the sector.
  • Benefit from national collaboration around the big issues that challenge us all, and local collaboration addressing priorities shared with nearby schools and trusts.
  • Access transformative leadership development for your team and unrivalled personal development and networks for yourself.
  • Build on a rigorous annual peer review that shines a light on how each school is doing in meeting the needs of its learners, evaluating leadership at all levels, what is taught and how.
  • Experience the same challenging and developmental approach applied at trust level through our trust peer review.
  • Draw on our years of expertise in programmes and activities to narrow the disadvantage gap - a gap we know will widen every day schools remain closed.

How to join

Please email to find out more.

If you are ready to commit for multiple years, you can now do so in exchange for a discount on your annual subscription and still pay for only a year at a time.

If you are part of a larger group of schools, such as a trust, TSA, federation, area education partnership or local authority grouping, this group may be eligible for a 10% group discount. 

Best wishes,

Dr Kate Chhatwal, OBE 

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