Putting our mission and values at the heart of our peer review

14 October 2019

Over the summer we updated the Quality Assurance Review (QAR), our professionally-led peer review focused on teaching and learning, to ensure it remains relevant and useful to schools, including in the light of changes to the inspection framework. 


The QAR is a joint exercise between the review team and the school, and is always a collaborative process aimed at sharing wisdom and helping schools improve. Reviewers come from other schools in our network to identify areas of excellence and suggest areas for development to help the host school to keep getting better. It’s great CPD for the reviewers too, who leave buzzing with new ideas. 


Our revised QAR includes a sharper focus on the quality of provision and outcomes for disadvantaged children, to help fulfil our mission to ensure every child benefits from an excellent education. And it continues to focus on the quality of learning, under three new headings:

  • Leadership at all levels
  • The quality of provision and outcomes
  • The quality of provision and outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and pupils with additional need

The quality section includes the curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment, outcomes and pupils’ attitudes to learning. 


The review generates peer estimates and we have changed the name of the top estimate to Leading - to recognise the importance of schools who perform at an exceptional level and lead the way by sharing their practice with others, which mirrors the Challenge Partners ethos. Other estimates have been changed to: Effective, Working Towards Effective and Ineffective. 


The changes ensure our collective values are even more strongly reflected in the review. Feedback has been positive and we will continue to monitor the revised QAR’s implementation across Challenge Partners. It remains an important way of mobilising knowledge across the network, as schools put forward an Area of Excellence they wish to share.


All our documents related to the QA Review have now been updated and, if you're a partner, you can find them in the Members area of our website here. Or find out more about our Quality Assurance peer Review here.