Royal Society support peer to peer accountability

9 May 2019

It was good to see the prestigious Royal Society concur with our Ofsted suggestion that the value of horizontal school-to-school accountability should be recognised in inspections.


The Royal Society is a fellowship of many of the world’s most distinguished scientists from academia and industry. In their submission to the Education Inspection Framework consultation, they said school leaders should promote a culture of horizontal accountability to their peers in other establishments, in addition to vertical accountability from senior leaders.


They stated: “The EIF should ask inspectors to make a judgement on the extent to which leaders engage effectively with learners and others in their community, including – where relevant – parents, carers, employers, local services and other education establishments.”


The Royal Society also raised concerns about Ofsted’s ability to recruit teams with the skills and experience to make subject specific judgements on the quality of education in each school, particularly as the framework is due to be introduced this September.


Our Executive Director, Sue John, is on the Royal Society’s curriculum working group, and will chair a roundtable next month on their push for broad and balanced post-16 education.


Ofsted is reviewing feedback on its Draft Education Inspection Framework and will report back on it here soon.