Sir Kevan Collins shares hope for broad 'recovery' curriculum

12 March 2021

Headteacher Kate Frood of Eleanor Palmer Primary in London shares news of a virtual Q&A with the new 'education recovery' tsar Kevan Collins

How wonderful that Sir Kevan Collins spared time to talk to Year 6 about recovery plans in our schools. He was quick to reassure children that he agreed simply adding more ‘school’ to each day was not a solution but rather lookIng at how extending school opening could offer more opportunities for broader curriculum experiences.

Having established that our children have had a relatively good experience in lockdown he challenged the class to consider those around the country who had not, why not, and what should be done.

In response to children’s comments that ‘schools and headteachers know best what to do’ he challenged them about what measures were used to confirm that the school was ‘doing fine’ adding that tests alone did not guarantee a broad curriculum. That said, he was keen to emphasise how there must be trust in the system.

Our Year 6’s made the point that ‘using a sledgehammer to crack a nut’ could further widen the achievement gap if all children have more, and so extra support should be more targeted. 

Teachers present made the point that it is ultimately about recruiting and retaining the best teachers who will make the discretionary effort and come up with creative solutions!

*Sir Kevan stressed all views are his own not policy