Case study

Trust Leaders' Network - The power of collective wisdom

Phil Hedger, CEO of Leo Academy Trust talks about his experience of the Challenge Partners' Trust Leaders' Network.

"What has immediately struck me about Challenge Partners’ Trust Leaders’ Network has been the presence of that professional trust and the genuine willingness to share the collective wisdom of the group. These are two things we all value in the school-led areas of Challenge Partners and I’ve been impressed at how quickly that same ethos has developed amongst a group of leaders, many of whom are new to the Challenge Partners community. There has definitely been a sense of respect for the host trust, but there has also been that challenge we all expect to see and that challenge which we know will help the hosts to improve. We’ve also had the chance to coach one another and interact in very small groups, and this has led to some really courageous conversations when colleagues have shared difficult problems which they’re facing across their trusts."