Our people

Board of Trustees

As a charity, our Leadership Team and Senior Partners are accountable to our Board of Trustees. Our Trustees ensure that Challenge Partners continues to work towards our aims and that the partnership remains financially and legally compliant. The board meets regularly and are chaired by Jon Coles. You can find more about them here.

Education Advisory Group 

The Education Advisory Group  (EAG) is a group of Senior Partners who have responsibility for developing the programmes and activities of Challenge Partners. Each EAG member is appointed a specific area of responsibility which they develop, monitor and ensure remains in keeping with the partnership’s founding principles. The group meets regularly and is chaired by Jayne Keller. The EAG reports to the Senior Partners on a termly basis and Senior Partners have the opportunity to provide feedback and input during Senior Partner and Hub Manager meetings. You can find more about them here.

Central Team

Our Central Team come from a wide variety of backgrounds but are all committed to our goal of reducing educational inequality and improving the life chances of children. You can find more about them here.