Biggest ever conference shares ideas on Inclusive Excellence

2 March 2020

Our biggest National Conference yet featured provocation, collaboration and challenge as our theme of inclusive excellence brought together a range of useful perspectives and insights.

Our CEO Dr Kate Chhatwal set the tone with a thought-provoking speech asking what more we can do as educators to help all children succeed.

Keynote speaker Matthew Syed said “Leaders and organisations should be learn-it-alls not know-it-alls,” as he shared lessons from innovative businesses. 

The 11-times paralympic gold medallist Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson said having high-achieving role models didn’t mean all disabled children should be encouraged to become great athletes. Dr Nira Chamberlain, President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, made a similar point when he revealed he was pushed to become a boxer or singer - when his passion was maths.

Partner schools and speakers shared exceptional practice and explored ideas around inclusion and school improvement, including in our buzzing session with 22 simultaneous carousels of excellent practice. And we enjoyed music and drama from Mounts Bay Academy (who even have their own record label, Qube) and from The Bridge School.

We also launched our Annual Report and shared news of the impressive progress made by partner schools. And launched a great report by ImpactEd showcasing research and evaluation in seven pioneering Challenge Partners schools.

We know there was a lot to take in so if you are already a partner school you will have a chance to revisit or find out about sessions you missed, as we have added learning notes and some slides to the Members area of our website here

Thank you for your feedback via email and on Twitter, and if you missed it here is  small sample:

Absolutely fantastic time presenting The Black Heroes of Mathematics to the Educational Sector Audience! Thank you @ChallengePartnr for the invite #inclusiveExcellence. Wonderful feedback. This job is all of our responsibility. - Dr Nira Chamberlain

Enjoying an informative and thought provoking day at the @ChallengePartnr conference. Interesting discussion from @TISUK_ on ‘How to Be a Mentally Healthy School’ - @DeputyMrsF1

@elly_barnes talking about “a pedagogy of usualising” to help make lessons and the curriculum more LGBT+ inclusive 

  • Let’s make it happen in all schools. It’s time. Surely . @damevicki

Excellence doesn’t have to be exclusive or elitist; it’s not a zero-sum game and by working together - collaborating...we can all be better than any of us could alone’, excellent, thought-provoking speech by @KateChhatwal - Nick Brook, NAHT

Really enjoyed delivering one of the carousels at The @ChallengePartnr Annual Conference! It was great to share @WoodhillJLT’s journey and how Pupil Leadership is structured @WoodhillSchool and @InspireSELondon. #InclusiveExcellence

Mrs Swann and Mr Ashcroft have had an interesting and informative day at @ChallengePartnr Inclusive Excellence Conference. #alwayslearning - @Rowlatts_TMET

Fantastic talk from @carpenter_rob about giving students a curriculum that equips them for a modern complex society and agency in their learning. Would be great to see how using former students could work with this framework! - @LaurenFutureFst

Great to hear more on developing an evidence-based learning strategy & evaluating its impact with @pjf_paul @Hayesschool & @od_carter @ImpactEd_tweets at today’s @ChallengePartnr Conference & in the 2020 Learning Review. - @LEOacademies

Really enjoying the workshops @ChallengePartnr conference. So many takeaways and great collaboration and networking. #InclusiveExcellence  - PrimaryElaine 

Fabulous performance from @thebridgelondon this morning @ChallengePartnr conference. Such confidence and collaboration from@these young people - deeply impressed. - @achenbach_g

Really enjoyed listening to @matthewsyed and unpacking some of the power of diverse thinking and growths mindsets - @pjf_paul