Annual Report shows pupils progress faster - especially those most in need

26 February 2020

It is our pleasure to share Challenge Partners’ Annual Report for 2019. 

Again this year Challenge Partners schools have pushed the boundaries in a drive for excellence, the success of which is seen in the impact section, which shows partner schools in our network continue to outperform national averages for progress and attainment. It’s particularly pleasing that schools in Challenge Partners have, on average, a narrower educational disadvantage gap than other schools, while also serving a higher proportion of poorer children. 

We believe that our focus on sharing excellent practice helps leaders develop and supports schools to improve faster. This is particularly important for the children who need help most. To this end, we are also delighted to report on the extension of our Excellence for Everyone programme, offering evidence-informed targeted support for disadvantaged pupils.

The report also features extracts from two very positive external reviews of our programmes: to help evince the added value schools trusts can bring in our Trust Peer Review, and to support stand out schools to keep improving, through Growing the Top

All our work seeks to harness the combined wisdom in the education system, through collaboration and challenge between leaders, who exchange knowledge and share exceptional practice to ensure all children benefit, as we strive to ensure our schools are world class. You can read the full report here. Or click here to see an infographic of the Challenge Partners year.

  • Read the Challenge Partners Annual Report 2019 (published 2020) here